About us

"Live the moment."

There is a reason we chose the name "Piccolo". As great lovers of music, we believe in the proverb that says "those who love music have a little more in life".

In Italian, the musical term "Piccolo" refers to the smaller version of an instrument that plays at a higher octave, for example, "il piccolo violino", is the small violin. From this, one can infer that the name "Piccolo" indicates something of grace.

In our efforts to accomplish "higher tones", we have created an environment for our guests with many advantages. We describe our hotel as "Small enough for personal attention and large enough for all the comforts". Every guest deserves to feel at ease and at home, without giving up any comfort.


We believe that earth toned colors, hand picked fabrics, and rooms constructed with original materials like natural wood and untreated stone, create harmony and tranquility. Our aim is to adhere to the traditions of hospitality as we strive to manage our hotel with honesty, respect, and integrity.


We would like to feel that our guests are not only satisfied but inspired. The values we hold dearly are joy, harmony, and freedom.

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